Combining the precious Italian fabrics, and the savoir faire are at heart in every collection, specially highlighting the hand-made embroidery designs in the collections with all original and exclusive ideas.

Mixing ancestral techniques with modern creation, is the magic of Elisa Sanna atelier. The sophisticated yet modern and precious designs that contribute to magnify the collections are all made using intensive tailoring, needlework, century-old embroidery techniques by hand.

Essential and sophisticated, the brand is characterised by a strong imprint of Italian style, and by the continuous research for a timeless aesthetic, which mixes with the refined Milanese rigor and a casual Mediterranean attitude.

All the fabrics used in our collection are ethically made in Italy with the support of local suppliers, with the aim of contributing to the development of local economy, avoiding the exploitation of labor in exchange for low-cost production and reducing CO2 emissions linked to the international transport services. We specialize in the philosophy of high-end quality of our clothing line that can worn over time, reducing the compulsive purchases linked to the fast fashion industry. The choices to have small quantities of the designs encourages a slow fashion approach and avoid waste. We also reuse our fabric waste to create new designs and focusing on accessory line with the waste recycled fabric.

Our clothing line is very seasonless with the intention of having a longer life of each product and to be sold as well as worn throughout the year. This seasonless approach in our designs helps us to reduce overproduction and accelerate more textile waste.


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