Spedizione gratis per ordini oltre 300€
Shipping Policy
It takes us 3 to 5 business days to deliver your orders. These times are calculated from the shipping date of your order.
Shipping in Italy is free for all orders with a total value of more than €300. For orders with a total value of less than €300, the shipping cost is €15.
Return Policy
You can return your order within 30 days of receiving the products. Tailor-made orders placed in our showroom are not subject to returns or exchanges.
Please note that we do not make free returns. The cost of the return is 10€ for orders under 300€ and 20€ for orders worth more than 600 €. If you want to change an order, you need to make a return first and then a new order.

Return Guidelines

If you would like to return your order or parts of it, please contact customer support by email at [email protected] to obtain a return label.
Returned products must show no signs of wear and must have the original tag still attached. Products must be placed in their original packaging and the return label must be attached to the packaging.
You can choose whether you want the package to be picked up by a person or if you prefer to deliver the package to the nearest post office.

Refund policy

If your order is cancelled, you will be refunded the full amount of your purchase, including shipping costs, if the order has not yet been shipped. Please note that we do not make free returns. The return cost is €10 for orders under €300 and €20 for orders over €600.
For returns and exchanges, you will be refunded the amount paid, excluding shipping costs and the applicable return fee. You will receive your refund within 10 business days.

Shipping costs and taxes

If you want to return an order that has been subject to customs, you can obtain a customs refund by contacting your local customs authorities. Elisa Sanna is unfortunately unable to help in this process.

Will my order be shipped in a gift box?

To offer you a unique experience, we pay particular attention to the preparation of gift orders.
Each order is prepared in the Elisa Sanna atelier, individually packed in a box and closed with a silk ribbon. The box is then placed in a box to ensure its protection and anonymity during shipping.

Can I add a custom message to my order?

Before validating your order, you can write a custom message that will be printed and sent along with your order. The message will be written on a note that will be placed in an envelope.
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